Why choose Dragon Digital™ for your website?

Completely Custom

Are you the type of company that cuts every corner at the expense of quality and long term success? Thought not. We do NOT use templates. With us you'll be able to take pride knowing you have something truly unique.


We take extreme care in the details of how your website will interact with your customer. In reality it shouldn't just be a jumble of code that makes a few good effects with sliders etc. Even video backgrounds need to make sense and provide the right emotions and direct your prospect to a definitive action. With years of practice watching web traffic and the flow of clicks, we're the best at turning your website into a psychological powerhouse. You'll be sure to get the response you want every time.


Free gimmick online website builder companies like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly leave you trying to figure things out on your own using their complicated and confusing 'tools'. Tools which really just make it harder to customize if you can't understand and change the code. Save time and endless headache, let us handle everything. You don't know what websites are capable of, we do, even if you don't ask we will give you the best possible website to accomplish your goals.


There is something companies like 1and1, Blue Host, Host Gator and GoDaddy also do that makes us really upset. They pretend you will only be paying $10 or some other really low fee, and by the time you checkout, it's up to $100 or more. Why not just be honest from the start? With us honesty is what you get because respect and integrity are a vital part of the way we do business.

Sales Experience

Are you trying to sell something? Most business are, even if it's yourself there is still a sales pitch. We've hired and trained our designers based on their experience in sales. With that we are able to translate technical knowledge into effective marketing solutions. If you're thinking about or already tried Shopify, Magento or Volusion you know how complicated eCommerce can be. Make it easy, hire us and watch your worries melt away while your bank account grows and grows.

No Hidden Fees or Costs - Worry Free

What is included with each website?

✓Fully Custom Design  ✓Responsive  ✓Cross Compatible  ✓Social Integration
✓Content Management System  ✓Extensive Security  ✓Email Marketing
✓Load Speed Optimized  ✓Search Engine Optimized  ✓eCommerce Systems
and so much more...

The short version.. everything you need and then some. Even someone asking for just one product page or a landing page will still need things they are not aware of needing. No site we make goes without (unless otherwise specified by the client) some kind of a home, about, contact, terms and privacy pages. The later two being necessary by law in some locations.

→Responsive - Cell & Tablet Friendly

Every website we make is fully optimized to be viewed at any standard size from big monitors and TV screens, to various tablet sizes, down to small cell phone screens.

→Cross Compatible

Each website is cross-browser compatible, making them view-able in most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Silk, Opera, Android and others.

→Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - Organically

The websites we offer are also organically coded for search engine optimization. We do this in a unique way you won't find anywhere else. Today your websites content, code and structure must stand out for search engines to pick you up over your competiton. Call 855.333.1809 for more details on our innovative methods for getting you to page one fast.

→Custom File and Data Hosting

Powerful, reliable, over-the-top hosting platform with extremely fast speeds through our own managed servers. cPanel access upon request. Email accounts included.

→Ability to Change Content (w/no training or coding)

Content Management System through Joomla allowing you to easily access your site and change content whenever you like without having to pay for each change.

→Cutting Edge Security

Extensive security starting with thorough modification to the server itself and with an uniquely configured all-in-one firewall we've built into the core content management system of each site.

→Mass Email Marketing

Email marketing with subscription forms, mass mail, automatic blog emails, professional customizable email templates, and so much more integrated through MailChimp.

→Redundant Backups

Our servers are backed up in triplicate across multiple mediums. When you host with us you can be sure your site files and data are always safe.

→In-Depth Visitor Tracking Systems

Visitor statistics fully integrated from many different platforms all with a very low impact on page load time. You can choose which you like and understand best, included: Google Analytics/Webmasters, W3 Counter, AWStats and Webalizer.

→Interactive Social Network Integration

We don't just add Facebook and Twitter buttons to the top of your website. You'll have interactive systems all over your website for sharing, liking and following all the top social networks while also being able to track the virility and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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