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Finished April 2016

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Welcome to Red Dot Kingdom, where we provide the best red dot sights available for shooters at the lowest prices. Anyone who is looking to upgrade their optics from stock iron sights is in the right place. Although our name is centered on red dot sights we’re a fan of all different types of optics and the advantages they can provide. If you’re concentrating on hunting, target shooting, or even self defense there is an optic out there for you, and hopefully we can help you find it.

Although I’m no expert shooter, I’ve seen the benefits first hand of upgrading to using an optic with my rifles. I’ve seen my accuracy, speed, and consistency jump from the first time I put on a cheap red dot I bought from Wal-Mart. Since then I’ve been getting my hands on as many different sights as possible, each time trying to weigh their pros and cons and figuring out which one is best for me.

I created this site to offer some of the best optic sights at the most reasonable price possible. If you are anything like me, price is important, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for an inferior product. We believe in what we sell and won't sell anything that we would not want on our own guns. If you are looking to spend thousands on a red dot sight, you will need to look elsewhere. But, if you are looking for quality at a great price then you have found a new home.